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Investment Goal

Suggested Account

Invest for retirement


Invest for a large purchase

TFSA / Cash

Invest for your child’s education


Invest for a home down payment 

RRSP / TFSA / Cash / Margin

Registered Accounts


(Registered Retirement Savings Plan)
RRSP’s help you save for retirement by deducting the funds you invest against your current income tax.  The investments grow tax free and you defer the taxes until you are ready to use the funds.
Saving for retirement
Income tax break


(Tax Free Savings Plan)
Tax-free savings accounts, as the name suggests, allows you to grow your money tax-free. That means you don’t pay tax on any dividends, interest, or capital gains earned inside your account.
Grow your money tax free
Use your funds at any time


(Registered Retirement Income Fund)
When you are ready to retire, you can convert your RRSP into an RRIF and start using your savings as income.  You can convert your RRSP holdings to a RRIF at anytime, however you must do it by the time you turn 71 or receive your savings in a lump sum.
Continue to grow your investments in a tax sheltered plan 
Need to convert RRSP to RRIF


(Registered Education Savings Plan
RESP’s are a great way to save for your child’s post secondary education.  Investments in a RESP grow tax free until withdrawn as an Educational Assistance Payment by the student.  Since most students have very little income, the funds can potentially be withdrawn tax free.  
Access to government grants
Tax deferred investment growth

Non-Registered Accounts


Cash accounts allow investors grow their excess savings and have no contribution limit.  The account allows for a multitude of investment solutions and funds can be withdrawn at anytime.
No contribution limit
Flexible and convenient


Margin accounts offer all the advantages of the cash account with the added benefit of borrowing additional funds against your investments to increase your buying power.  The additional risk comes with the potential for additional returns.
Borrow against your investments
No contribution limit

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